Spontex Autoline

This system was designed for producing different kind of sponge products. It is able work automatically from varying sheet sizes and types. The final product size is adjustable between 50 and 100mm as required by customer. The handling of sponge products is extremely difficult due to its unique physical properties, but the system is able to produce 100 pcs of final products in every minute, which is arranged automatically to certain pack size and handled over to the packaging line. The system includes a milling station where the sponge is milled at both longitudinal sides for ergonomic reasons.

  • Customer: SOKE, Spontex
  • Date of development: 2015
  • Project duration: 4 months
  • EtherCAT, EtherNet IP
  • Control system based on Omron NJ
  • Safety and Motion control: Omron
  • Designed with Solidworks
  • Pneumatics by Festo