Complex conveyor sorting system

New sorting conveyor system has been built, programmed and installed in Jeans Club warehouse.  Our customer develops various logistics, warehouse management software and this time they had to integrate a sorting conveyor system with their logistics software. We were involved in this project as industrial network expert solution provider. We had to develop a full PC based control system for the sorting conveyor system including a low level communication with hardware elements, up to interfacing with the logistics software. We used PCI based Profibus and ASI Master cards to communicate with asynchronous motors, I/O modules, sensors etc. We used RS 232 to receive barcodes from 2 high-end SICK barcode readers. Our control software controls and monitors all 5 simple conveyors and the final sorting conveyor with all 50 destination places. The control system keeps all conveyors synchronized, tracks goods on the conveyor

Feature list:

  • 50 destinations
  • 1m/s conveyor speed
  • 2 crossbeam laser scanners
  • 33 mm belt position resolution
  • real-time PLL belt synchronization
  • 10ms sampling time
  • Profibus network for inverter speed control
  • ASI network for pneumatic and I/O control
  • RS 232 communication
  •  Principal: Micronix Ltd, Jeans Club warehouse
  • Date of development: 2006
  • Project duration: 4 months
  • Language used: C++
  • Fieldbus: HMS Anybus Profibus Master and ASI master
  • Platform: x86, Microsoft Windows
  • Technologies used: Profibus interfacing, ASI interfacing, advanced mathematics and control theory, RS 232 communication, XML