Automatic metal machining application

One of our customers have small zinc-aluminum alloy products required some post processing: a precise dual diameter hole has to be drilled from one side and a fine thread needed to be cut from the other side. The work piece has 3 variants and the machine should be integrated with the grinding robot cell.

The project had to fulfill multiple requirements:

  • position of the drilled hole should be always at the same position (±0.05mm)
  • depth of the drilled hole should be same (±0.05mm)
  • has to support all three part variants (they have different height)
  • should be loaded by robot
  • manual loading should be possible as well
  • should support plastic and alloy parts
  • be able to handle a huge amount of metal scrap drilled out during processing

The machine is able to handle all three part sizes even if they are mixed on the loader. Parts are gripped using a pneumatic press.

  • Customer: T-DOTT Kft.
  • Project duration: ~1 months
  • PLC type: Omron CMP1A
  • Pneumatics used: Festo
  • Motors drives used: Bonfiglioli
  • Cycle time: ~40 sec
  • Technologies used: PLC programming, 3D CAD design, CNC machining, pneumatics, inverter technology