Automatic dual-head torque controlled capper

Automatic dual-head torque controlled capper machine for capping small size bottles with constant and accurate torque.

Unique capping machine was developed for our customer, where the main requirement was the precisely adjustable closing torque. The system includes a rotating feeding table and two servos driven capping stations equipped with pneumatic cylinders to ensure safe and accurate locking of bottles during closing procedure. The system is running up to 30 pcs/min, and can be upgraded to 45 pcs/min. The torque is adjustable on touch screen HMI between 1-5 Nm. The rotating speed, screwing speed are also adjustable. System stores production data and alarm handling is also included. The machine has automatic reject station where the unsuccessfully capped bottles are collected.

  • Customer: Reckitt Benckiser
  • Date of development: 2013
  • Project duration: 6 weeks
  • Designed with Solidworks
  • Pneumatics by Festo
  • Control and servo system by Omron