Robotic machine tending with automatic machining stations and vision inspection

This turn-key machining system is developed for automotive industry. The robot handles the incoming and outgoing product palletizing as well as the machine tending extended by an additional gripper which places and removes paper and plastic sheets between layers.

The system includes a circulating conveyor track with post-processing tasks. Functionality of threads are checked by servo system on one station, rivet is implemented on an other and engraving is done on the third station. Cognex Vision is used for checking finalized product before palletized.

  • Customer: SAPA
  • Date of development: 2015
  • Project duration: 5 months
  • EtherNet IP
  • Control system based on Omron CJ
  • Safety and Motion control: Omron
  • Designed with Solidworks
  • Pneumatics by SMC
  • Fanuc Robot
  • Engraving and riveting stations
  • Milling station by Chiron